Design & discover new sounds, with ease.

Get inspired by a fresh new modular way of working with your loved VIRUS TI synthesizer.

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Easy Patching

...for quick discovery

Create & discover a virtualy endless number sounds by just selecting presets for each of the 7 parameter sections.

Precise Control get exactly what you want

Need full control? You will have access to all parameters you need. The roughly 350 parameters of the Virus TI are intuitively organized in 7 sections (13 pages).

Save Patches

... and stay organized

Save your groundbreaking new sounds in your own patch library. Keep organized by adding categories and collections.

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The age of 'touch' brought to your VIRUS

What do you need?

In order to start using TOUCH for VIRUS you need

  • a VIRUS TI, (Snow, Polar, or keyboard version)
  • An iPad air or iPad pro, with IOS 10.3 or above
  • A MIDI interface

More about MIDI interfaces

Due to limitations of the USB implementation of the Virus TI, connectiong the Virus TI directly to an iPad using only an USB cable WILL NOT WORK!!! The only way to connect is by using a USB to MIDI interface. An example of such an interface is the Roland UM-ONE

App Features:
  • Create patches on VIRUS TI synthesizers with iPad
  • Dedicated knobs and sliders for all parameters (excluding custom arp pattern, Input effect, vocoder and atomizer parameters)
  • No computer or other software needed
  • Save & reload created patches
  • Organize your patches in collections and categories
  • Load patches partially, based on (de)selected ‘sections’
Section Presets (New to Virus TI)
  • The roughly 350 parameters of a patch are split in 7 sections:
    • Oscillators
    • Filter & Amplifier
    • Modulation
    • Controller
    • Arpeggiator
    • Effects
    • Ambiance
  • Save and load presets for each section.
  • Create new patches in seconds by choosing different combinations of section presets.

Whatever happened to the VIRUS?!

Just because you might wonder...

Some app screenshots:

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