Rage for Virus TI

The iPad Patch editor you were waiting for.

Add a little touch to your Virus!

IOS Patch editor for Virus TI

The Virus TI is a virtual analog synthesizer manufactured by Access. It is a highly flexible synthesizer, capable of a wide variaty of sounds.

Rage is the first dedicated patch editor for Virus synthesizers on IOS. Rage is designed to let you create and discover new sounds with ease, while at the same time it allows you to finetune your patches in detail.

<Here is what you get>

  • The first dedicated editor on iPad

    Rage is the first patch editor for Virus TI synthesizers on iPad. In fact, it adds a touch interface to the Virus TI, bringing the user experience to a whole other level

  • Craft and discover with ease

    "Sub patches" allow you to quickly try different settings for a specific section. Rage offers 7 sections: Oscillators, Filters, Modulators etc...

  • Presice patching

    All parameters have their own knobs or sliders placed in a logical layout. It really helps you to find your way and understand their meaning.

  • A new inspiring experience

    The design of Rage is based on the original VST editor from Access, but is improved and adapted to the screensize of an i pad. The result is a fresh look at the endless posibilities of this great synthesizer.

How does it look like?

  • screenshot oscillator page

    All main oscillator (1+2) controls

  • screenshot lfo page

    All settings for 3 LFO's

  • screenshot free envelope page

    Free envelopes with their own matrix slot.

The story behind Rage

I'm an Interaction Designer in the Netherlands, and also a Virus TI owner. I've been waiting for a good IOS app for Virus for some years, but for some reason it never came. A couple of months ago I decided to create an app by myself.

After months of hard work, i'm pleased and proud to be able to bring Rage to the appStore..... within a couple of months.

What do you need

  • Virus TI1 or TI2 Synthesizer (Snow, Polar, Desktop or keyboard)
  • iPad running IOS 10.3 or Higher
  • An iOS-capable MIDI interface

More about the MIDI interface

Due to limitations of the USB implementation of the Virus TI, connectiong the Virus TI directly to an iPad using only an USB cable WILL NOT WORK!!!

The only way to connect is by using a USB to MIDI interface. An example of such an interface is the Roland UM-ONE mk2.