TOUCH for VIRUS - iPad

The iPad Patch editor you were waiting for.

IOS Patch editor for Virus TI

TOUCH for VIRUS is the first dedicated patch editor for Virus synthesizers on IOS.
It was designed to let you create and discover new sounds with ease.

  • A fresh experience for your Virus TI

    Get inspired again by a fresh look at the endless posibilities of this great synthesizer. Touch it.... to be touched!

  • Easy patching re-invented

    Create new patches fast by just selecting 7 section presets. Sections are available for: Oscillators, Filters, Modulation, Control, Arpeggiator, Effects, Ambiance

  • Section presets?

    Well, those are new, let me explain: In TOUCH for VIRUS Patches are deconstructed in 7 sections and each of them has its own presets. This allows you to check out a lot of different oscillator setting quickly, without changing any of the other parameters of your patch.

  • Master the details

    Section presets alone are fun and a great start, but not enough. Almost all of the 350 patch paramaters can be set with TOUCH for VIRUS. Some are not yet implemented (custom arp pattern, Vocoder and input effects). They all have their own knobs or controls.

How does it look like?

  • screenshot oscillator page

    oscillator page 1

  • screenshot oscillator page

    oscillator page 2

  • screenshot filter page

    filter page 1

  • screenshot filter page

    filter page 2

  • screenshot modulation page

    modulation page 1

  • screenshot modulation page

    modulation page 2

  • screenshot modulation page

    modulation page 3

  • screenshot modulation page

    modulation page 4

  • control page

    control page

  • arpeggiator page

    arpeggiator page

  • effects page 1

    effects page 1

  • effects page 2

    effects page 2

  • ambiance page

    ambiance effects


I'm an Interaction Designer in the Netherlands, and also a Virus TI owner. I've been waiting for a good IOS app for Virus for some years, but for some reason it never came. A couple of months ago I decided to create an app by myself.

TOUCH for VIRUS is a ongoing project, so feel free to contact me about feaure requests!

What do you need

  • Virus TI1 or TI2 Synthesizer (Snow, Polar, Desktop or keyboard)
  • iPad (with Retina display) running IOS 10.3 or Higher
  • An iOS-capable MIDI interface (USB or Bluetooth)
Touch for Virus is not optimiesd for iPad Pro

More about the MIDI interface

Due to limitations of the USB implementation of the Virus TI, connectiong the Virus TI directly to an iPad using only an USB cable WILL NOT WORK!!!

The only way to connect is by using a USB to MIDI interface. An example of such an interface is the Roland UM-ONE mk2.


The following features will be added in the next releases:

  • Librarian for full patches
  • Onscreen keyboard for auditing
  • Designing custom arpeggiator patterns
  • Vocoder settings
  • Input modes/atomizer